here are 5 waus to get someone u truly love

Posted by olubobo on April 20, 2020

Love is a wonderful feeling that is really hard to express – no words can explain the love you had for the love of your life. To be in love with that special person can make you believe that reality was way better than your dreams. What you had was simply a beautiful chemistry a special bond that you might have cherished and never hoped would come to an end. Remember: you can always start fresh all you need is, to give yourself a chance.

1. Never keep in touch

The first and the foremost rule after a breakup is to stay away from them. Never ever try to get in contact with them, even for one last time. Believe me – it makes things worse. You can never get over someone you deeply love as long as you are friends with them. Human emotions are often irrational; you tend to keep your hopes high, hoping for the special someone to accept you at some point of time. Having this kind of hope can never help you to get over someone you deeply loved. Be bold, and take the next step: block them from your social media, delete their contacts, and don't stalk them on social media. This might not be as easy as it sounds. Just the thought of having to stay away from your loved one might be heartbreaking to you, but have to do what you can to help you move on with your life.

2. Dispose belongings of your special someone

Having to get rid of their belongings is heartbreaking. Disposing of their stuff is like you are actually doing the impossible: removing their memories from your everyday life. However, doing so helps you to accept the fact that they are no longer a part of your life and that you are moving on. In the longer run, you might be able to think about your dear one without a meltdown, but it is not the right time when you still have intense feelings for them. So, it is always wise to remove all the stuff that reminds you about your special someone.

3. Be honest about your relationship

It's high time you actually evaluate your relationship with your loved one. Be honest about all the good and bad experiences in your relationship. Focus on the reasons why it didn't work out for the two of you. This will help you realize that the breakup was for the best. For every relationship there are both high and low points. Learn to appreciate the positive aspects of your special someone and the person who you are today because of them. The toxic elements which were there in your relationship must also be evaluated, as they were the reasons that the relationship didn't work out. Take this as an opportunity and try to learn from the pitfalls of your relation. Remember not to dwell in the darker moments, for they might turn your love for him into resentment. Be cautious and conscious that you don't give the one you loved the negative pieces of your heart. This won't help you to move on.

4. Love yourself more

After a breakup, it's totally normal to feel bad and think about the things that were said or done. Don't be hard on yourself for it. Stop looking for the right words that you can say to try and win them back. Remember that you were not meant to be with each other. things didn't go well as expected. Thus, you have broken up. It is hard, but you have to let go of your ex. Focus on yourself. Love yourself more. Self-love can make you stronger, determined, and happier. Never undermine or curse yourself for the breakup, but rather you should look on the bright side and try to gain knowledge. Learn from your failures; they make you brave.

5. Live in the present moment

Letting go of someone who has been so significant in your everyday life is pretty tough. Moving on is painful, but nothing is more painful than being stuck where you don't belong. Don't get stuck in the past or you may not be able to live in your present. Once in a while it is perfectly normal to think about your wonderful experiences and memories with your loved one, but going over and over it again in your mind is healthy, nor is it going to help. Rather it destroys you by making you want them more than ever. So be brave, face the challenges that reality throws at you, and make yourself stronger and more powerful than ever before. Tell yourself. Live in the moment and have hope even in the smallest amounts of happiness rather than dwell in the past and worry

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