See Mercy Eke’s reactions after she was scammed by some yahoo boys that got people talking

I share with you in this article Mercy Eke’s Reactions after she scammed by some yahoo boys that got people talking.

Mercy Eke took went live on Instagram after she was scammed by some yahoo boys. She couldn’t believe that she can fall victim of scam with her nature.

She said please be careful out there because I just got scammed this morning by some yahoo boys.

According to her they claim to be from her bank and she played along well with them until she got scammed.

She said banks should stop calling people and people should go to the bank for everything they wants to do.

This got people talking and many are of the opinion she is not bright why she got scammed by people.

Another set of people that reacted to this are of the opinion they scammed you and still had time to make up and look fresh and fine like this.

Some are of the opinion when we say stop glorifying yahoo guys, you won’t know until you fall victim of it.

See more reactions from fans via the screenshots below. You can also drop your comment via the comment box.


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