This is not Messi, this is a “Fake Messi” who trick people by Pretending To Be The Real Lionel Messi

A particular man has gotten fame for his striking resemblance to Lionel Messi after some of of his photos hit the internet

The man is identified as Reza, Parasteshan, he is reportedly an Irabian who became an internet sensation for his unusual resemblance with Barcelona star, Lionel Messi.

 Well, it all began when Raza's father gave him a Barcelona jersey to wear and took pictures.

The pictures came out quite Glarring and Hilarious at the same time, that was when he knew he had a striking resemblance with Messi.

He then began to imitate Messi's style, by triming his hair and grew his beards just to look exactly like messi, he reportedly slept with alot of women pretending to be Messi.

He has also gotten into trouble with the police on several occasion, he was then nicknamed " Fake Messi"

He has also gained over a million followers on Instagram.

On a recent interview, he hoped to one day meet with Lionel Messi


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