Naira marley vs Davido who graduated with the better university result?

Hmn...we're all accustomed to the buzz "who sings better?It's Davido or is it Naira marley?..., who trends more?It's Naira marley or is it Davido?..." and all that.Why don't we do something new, like pitching Naira marley and Davido together on the basis of their academic performance in the university.I'm liking the sound of that?Then let's start!

Davido attended Babcock university in 2011, after his father persuaded him and all that....He graduated in the year 2015 with a Second class degree in music.Marlians get ready oo....Naira marley attended Peckham Academy in Peckham, South London and graduated with a First-class degree in Business Law.

So, who is the winner?Naira marley.Hmn, if Naira marley can graduate with First class, and Davido; second class, then nothing stops me and you from achieving the above feat.Let me go and start real studying_wait , what of you?You don't like First class(or Second class upper)?Tell me below.

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