10 Jokes You Can Tell Your Crush that will Make Her Smile

I thing I am sure of about women is that their love are never bought with money or goods, they are bought with mouth. The only reason why a lady will agree to fellow you is If you are able to convince her with the things you say to her. She must believe that you truly love her.

But making a lady smile is the major thing that wins her heart the most. This is because most ladies find it very hard to smile when a guy speaks to them. But if a girl starts smiling when you crack jokes and talk to her, she might be developing feelings for you.

So guys, you have come to the best platform because I am going to show you 10 of these Funny jokes you can tell a girl you are crushing on and she will smile. So sit tight and read these jokes.

1. You can say to her

I am sincerely sorry for not being part of your past but I can make it up to you by becoming part of the future, will you accept me?

2. Hey beautiful, I am an unemployed dude with a certificate in kissing, a diploma in caring and a first class degree in cuddling, do you have a job for me?

3. Hey queen, can you excuse me for a moment, please what is the time? I just want to know the time that I met the girl that has always been in my dreams.

4. Sorry but the way things are going here, someone might just ask you to leave here and I wouldn't blame them. I mean just look at how beautiful you are, you are just making everyone else look bad.

5. Hey beautiful, aren't you tried of running round my mind all day? I can't just stop thinking about you.

6. Hey beautiful, I want to do a deal with you: I will kiss you and if you don't like it, you can return it back to me.

7. Hey cutie, I am going to call the police on you because you just stole my heart.

8. Just sell your house, you can live in my heart forever for free instead.

9. Something is missing in your name, that is my last name.

10. You are getting taller, aren't you? Last time you were at this height, now you are on my mind.

Girls like funny guys, so try to be funny if you want to win the heart of your crush with these funny jokes. Make sure you put on smile while you say these jokes to her

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