Be Careful If You're Travelling Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, See How A Man Escaped From Kidnappers

Before anyone embarks on a journey, the first thing one should look at is Safety. The question; "how safe the road is?" should be asked. Note that many roads have been taken over by gunmen and kidnappers and for this reason, many travellers are very careful of the road and time they travel.

However, a viral video showing what some group of people faced after they escaped from the hands of alleged kidnappers surfaced online. This video was posted here, and from the video, I must advise everyone travelling through that part to be careful.

In the video, many people shared their own experiences of what happened that that night. A driver said that they were stopped and told to come down from their bus. He said they obeyed because they thought they were police officers but unfortunately when they got down from the car, the driver revealed that a knife was placed on his neck and he was robbed of his money, his cutlass and everything that he had in his car. He said another woman's phone and bag were also collected. He said they carried guns. The driver of the bus went on to say that he escaped but other people were led into the bus. In the driver's words, he said "the abductors smelt like a cow".

On the other hand, another man explained that he was also attacked by alleged Fulani kidnappers and he had to reverse for a long time for him to be able to escape from there. From the video, his car tyre got bad, his side mirrors were also damaged. While another man was fixing his tyre, the victim said that he escaped but he saw them take another man in a Lexus vehicle. Also, the man fixing the tyre called the police to inform them about the kidnapping.

In the video, the youths were contemplating whether to go after the kidnappers or not because the driver of the bus said he knows the path they took. One of the men asked how they could double-cross people carry guns.

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In conclusion, I must say that everyone travelling or passing through the Ibadan-Lagos expressway should be very careful because the roads are not safe, especially at night.

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