Check What Happened After A Nigerian Man Took Tesla Model X To A Filling Station

The world has evolved to the extent that one can not say how the next discovery or inventory will look like. Especially, the world is evolving in the technological aspect. We now have cars that do not use petroleum. The cars are produced by a company called Tesla and these kind of cars are only rechargeable.

Unlike many other cars that use petroleum, these set of cars use electricity and once you charge it, you are good to go. Some Nigerian men carried a Tesla Model X to a filling station and this is how it went.

As the guys entered the filling station in Lagos, they asked the attendant to sell petroleum and that was where the confusion started. The attendant could not find the tank area that he would insert the nuzzle so he told them to change the direction of the car thinking that the tank area was on the other side.

The Nigerian guys who already knew what was going on complied with the attendant and changed the direction of the car. The attendant could not find the tank area and one attendant could be heard suggesting that the tank area might be under the car.

Three attendants tried to find the tank area but all their efforts were to no avail. They could not find the tank area so they gave up on it because they were confused. Later, a man among the guys who drove the Tesla to the filling station told the attendants that the car is a Tesla product and it does not use petroleum.

Take a look at the pictures I extracted from the video.

The attendants gave up on selling fuel. What would you have done if you were the one?

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