Despite Allegedly Beating His Babe To Stupor, This Company Still Gave Lil Frosh An Endorsement Deal

Domestic violence in Nigeria has reached another level, almost everyday you read the news you'll find the story of one man or woman beating his or her spouse to stupor. Even respected figures like entertainment celebrities, politicians and clergymen have also been reported to be engaging in such ungodly acts yet nothing seems to done about it.

People just come online, sympathize with the victim (while subtly throwing shade) then go off to their respective businesses only to cone back when a fresh case is reported.

Thanks to this nonchalance, many violent men and women are roaming about as free beings in our society and some of them (especially amongst the celebrities) are still doing big things, getting endorsements and making money, unpunished and unrepentant.

One of these cases is that of Sanni Goriola, better known as Lil Frosh, who allegedly battered his girlfriend Okeoghene Iyomaterie (aka Gift Camille) to the point of death but despite this, the artiste is still dropping songs and getting airplays and people are still flocking his social media accounts to show themselves dancing to his music.

The worst part is that Lil Frosh still has endorsements! A brand known as Jeroid, who supposedly deal in the sales and purchase of gift cards and Bitcoins are still using him as one of their ambassadors and it is expected that they'll be paying him for his services... All this is happening in a society that claims to have moral standards.

In most other countries, a man or woman who is facing such grave accusations would have been cancelled by all and sundry, and anyone who associates with him or her will face the same fate.

Sadly, things seem to operate differently in Nigeria and thanks to that businesses like Jeroid can still give endorsements to people like Lil Frosh, encouraging him and others like him, to continue in their horrifying acts. When will Nigeria Learn?

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