Video: See What Three Women Were Spotted Doing In A Hotel In Broad Daylight That Sparked Reactions

As they say, wonders shall never end. It is no longer unusual to come across people who do bizarre things in public. Have you ever come across three women doing bizarre things in an expensive hotel in broad daylight before?. Here is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn something new.

Presently, a video is trending on social media. This video shows three women cooking food with a charcoal stove in an expensive hotel in Enugu in broad daylight. As is observed, the said women were cooking in an unhygienic environment.

This video has attracted much attention so far as many people are reacting to it. The majority thinks that this is indeed wrong. They blamed the women for cooking with a charcoal stove in the said hotel in an unhygienic environment.

There are a few others who think differently. This category of people opined that the management of the hotel is to be blamed.

What is your view on this?.

• Do you think that this is wrong?.

• Do you think that the management of the hotel is to be blamed?.

• Have you witnessed such before?.

Here is a link to watch the video;

Here are some pictures;

Nigerians are however reacting.

Here are some comments so far;

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