After she bought '30k' worth of iPhone 12 Pro Max online at a cheap rate, Check out what she found

It was surprising that a lady revealed what she discovered after buying an IPhone 12 per Max worth 30.000 Rand's (30 K) online for a low cost. In today's modern world where some people's search for their own devices is rising, a woman rather got shocked when she found out what she found inside the alleged IPhone 12 pro Max that she bought online.

Many know the characteristics of such phones, when gossipmillnaija posted the video of the lady who opened the phone that her bought, and opened the door, thus according social media platforms, but was amazed to find out that the phone she recently purchased at a low cost had a play shop. Play shop which is only available in Android Gadget handsets was located inside the alleged iPhone 12 pro Max and she purchased online at a cheap price, which is very unlikely.

The lady who posted the video on the inside of the phone turned it on and revealed the play shop, normally on android phones rather than on the iPhone. She also emphasized that when she purchased it online, she was shocked at the fact that between the telephone's logo and the iPhone symbol at the back, it was not what she wished she would find inside the gadget.

The lady who shouted stated that she had other whole pieces of a computer, but the difference here is the play store she finds inside, which means it's an Android iOS device. What an amazing discovery in fact. What your views on this are, add your thoughts in the comments thread below and share them with others as you can and join us for much more fascinating stories all over the world.

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