They Killed 3 Girls And Took Their body Part"- Lady Narrates After She Survives In Kidnappers Den

A lady who was kidnapped last week narrate how she survived after they killed three ladies in her presence. According to the video post by Nigeria blogger, Tunde Ednut where she narrate how she was kidnapp on her way to her friend's burial. According to her and she said " I board a bus going to Port Harcourt and when we got middle of the road the man behind me covered my nose with something and I slept off." So many evil is happening in the world and that is the reason you should be careful where you go and the car you enter when traveling.

We have heard several stories of people who survived after they were kidnapped. And if you didn't meet up with their demand they end up killing the person. She also said, when she open her eyes they have tie her already, also they remove her dress and beat her to stupor because she was shouting. They take her phone, snap her pictures then send it to her family members. Though her people comply with the kidnappers and promise to send them the money they are demanding but they should not harm her. They kill three girls in her presence because their family members refuse to comply with them.

However, they call a man and he promise to pay them three million naira for their body part. She also said one of the girl they killed begged them to spare her life that her parents is late and she's the only child but they still went ahead and kill her. They say to her the reason she's still alive is because her family agree to do what they told them. After her people made the payment, the kidnappers called one bike man who carried her to main road and pushed her out. Before she left she beg them to give her one of her sim card so that she can call her family members.

She was on the road and there was no vehicle passing, even people that saw her ran because of the way she looks. Is only one man that answered her and she narrate her problem and he took her to his house. his siblings took care of her, they bought drugs for her and gave her food to eat. Then she call her family members and told them they have set her free. They paid money to the man bank account so that she will use it to go back to where she live.

May God save us from the hands of kidnappers, is so bad that people derive joy in committing evil. There are better ways to earn a living instead of killing people to enrich yourself. Nothing last forever and i know one day their evil will swallow them, thank God she's save. You can watch the video on the blogger Instagram page.

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