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Earning cash have become so easy this days that you can even 

earn cool cash by just performing simple tasks from the comfort of your home on any legit earning platform.

You can just can just earn with these earning platform, all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform  daily tasks even from the comfort of your bedroom. Registration

Registering on is pretty easy. Follow the following steps below:

1. Click here

2.  Purchase coupon code from a coupon vendor (the coupon code is N2,000 that is also the one-time registration fee) Here

3.  After purchasing the coupon code proceed to the site to complete registration

4.  Put in your Full name, username, Password, E-mail, Phone number and coupon code

5.  Then click on signup

Cashflowng.xys Earning

Registration fee #2000

➢ Welcome bonus #1000

➢ Referral bonus #1300

➢ Daily login bonus #100

➢ Sharing of Sponsored post #200

How to Register a New Member on

Contact any of the code distributors on the site to get registration code, then go to your dashboard/profile, copy your referral link, logout and paste it in your browser, once it’s loaded clear your username and password then input that of your prospect, fill in other details and click on register.

When was Launched is a new platform launched on the 30th of June, 2021. Contact Details

In case of any difficulty, you can contact them through their email address: [email protected]


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  1. I have never gotten any alert from cashflow since I joined about 3 weeks ago and I have been posting sponsored posts what else do I have to do cus I do hear about the alert they send to other people that has joined

  2. Even there email address is wrong, you can't contact caps is over 10k and I placed a withdraw, this is the second week I haven't seen any alert


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