Pastor gets many people talking online as he used Naira Marley's song to preach (video)

An unnamed Nigerian pastor has caused much stir on social media as he infused Naira Marley’s song into his sermon.

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While on the pulpit and preaching, the man used words from Aye song to flesh out his sermon. He sang:

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“Aye yi o le o (aye yi o le). Aye lo m’aye. (The world is not hard, people make it hard.)”

In a video shared by Tunde Ednut, his choir members also backed him up in the brief rendition. The pastor said Naira Marley makes a lot of his sense even though he smokes.

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After signing the song, he also used other words of the musician: “Eyin lema sin iya yin” (you will be the one to bury your mother.”

Watch the video below:

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