ABISOYE OSHODI: The doubtful Londoner with questionable character!

Character is not something that you buy, it is not a commodity that can be bartered for, it is not a quality suited for only the rich and famous; rather, character is built on the fundamental commitment of love, honesty and compassion for others. But for this Nigerian fugitive-turned-moral Sheriff. Abisoye Oshodi, call him whatever name in the negatives, he fits in from back and front.

The dark-complexioned Abisoye is a man that can be described with bad characteristics and of no good lineage. His infamous story is that of a bad personage being painted in good pictures.

He is one of many that put Nigeria in bad light; Nigerians have always been good individuals irrespective of wherever they find themselves around the world. But Abisoye Oshodi’s story is giving many a thought for concern as his characters are being questioned in many quarters. 

This acclaimed Moral Sherriff’ is currently hiding behind the cameras to moralize Lagosians about their religious and political choices. He is known to be foolishly attacking those outside his forum and speculates false information about dignitaries, who do not buy into his cheap blackmailing in the public domain.

But for those, who are not privileged of his antecedents, let it be known that Abisoye was born on the 11th of September 1978. He arrived at United Kingdom in 2002 via the Gatwick Airport, using a Nigerian passport, which contained counterfeit stamps and claimed asylum on the same day.

His asylum was refused on 08/05/2004 and thereafter absconded into the thin air. This illegal immigrant, serially at different times adopted different names in order to remain in the United Kingdom. He, at different times claimed the following names: Qyeyemi Oshodi Abisoye: later known and addressed as Wilson Paul – 06/07/1965; then Qshodi Abisoxe – 16/02/1971. He was also Abayomi Aguobiade cleiming he was born in July 1965! 

He also had other names like Ebisoye Oshode: Abisoye Axeyemi Qshodi – Paul Sexi Wilson. He was reportedly admitted to the Home Office through which he sent photos of himself back to Nigeria for his family to make new visa applications on his behalf.

Two of his applications were then submitted in September and October. 2002 in Lagos, Nigeria, both were refused. Another application was made to enter the UK on 11/06/2007 but this was refused. He then confirmed that he has never left the UK since arriving in 2002 and it was family members making the applications from Nigeria on his behalf.

In the struggle to gain permanent residence, Abisoye Qshodi claimed to have fathered a son, Aaron Oluwatalajuwon Dyeyinke Qshodi, DOB: ’17/10/2005 born and registered in the United Kingdom.

Fast forward to 2008. Abisoye was arrested by the Lewistlam police for fraud (stolen credit cards, opening false accounts.) He had opened a bank account using false details and then used cheques to buy items. He later opened a second account and obtained €6500 worth of items of property. The police also arrested him in 2009. His vehicle was stopped and 4 credit cards in a female’s name were found in his possession, while in transit. 

In 2013, he made an application for leave to remain in the UK on the basis of being a parent to Aaron Oluwafolajuwon Qyeyinka Qshodi. This application was refused. He made an EA application for leave to remain in the UK dated 10/05/2014 claiming he is married to an EA national The Irish partner wrote to the home office claiming they do not live together and she’s divorcing him. This application was also rejected.

In April 2017. Abisoye Qsbodi was again arrested on suspicion of domestic common assault being his wife’s allegation that he grabbed her and threw her to the floor.

In his continuous effort to remain in the foreign country, he registered his son as a British citizen by right. This was granted on 04/01/2021 and he was given opportunity to then apply for leave to remain, on the basis of being a parent to his British son and this was granted on 16/03/2021.

For someone with these questionable characters who lambasts people about, how good will he be able to claim authenticity of his real identity?

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