21-year-old Nigerian artiste Rema has replied people saying his songs are always about sex and women.

While talking about the making of his debut album, Rave & Roses on Instagram (live) on Monday, March 28, he explained why people often hear him talk about sex and women in his songs.

According to his words, he sings based on what inspires him (even if that thing is sex).

“Most of the time if I’m not doing anything, I go to my country and take a chill pill and embrace whatever is in my reality in Africa. Name one thing that’s sweeter than sex in Nigeria.” Rema said.

Furthermore, Rema said singing about Nigeria’s problems at this stage (of his career) will leave him with less things to say in the future.

Also asking people criticizing his lyrics to allow him grow, he stressed that he’s only 21 years old and would be singing for a very long time.

Watch the clip below to hear all Rema said: