Rema, who released his highly anticipated debut album on March 25, went live on social media on March 28 to talk about the making of his album.

Speaking on why he featured only foreign artistes on Rave & Roses, he stressed that it’s the type of relationship he has with an artiste which determines whether they’ll work together.

“Just to be clear I know people might be thinking why don’t Rema have any Afrobeats artiste on his album. Every artiste in my album is my friend. I create music with people I rock with. I won’t actually make music with you if we’re not cool.” Rema said in the video.

He further disclosed that all the collaborations on his album happened organically and he did not force any of them or ask his record label to get any artistes on his song.

Using his collaboration with Chris Brown as an example, he explained that he and Chris Brown had a good relationship before they worked together. According to his words, they linked up and played video games and basketball together then went into the studio and recorded “Time N Affection,” the sixth song on the album.

Lastly, he mentioned that he would never force an Afrobeats collaboration unless he and his collaborator are cool.

Watch the clip below: